The EcceOlio project, promoted by Unaprol and France Olive and financed by the European Union, seeks to raise awareness of the unique quality of PDO, PGI and ORGANIC European extra-virgin olive oil in the market and among consumers.

The program shall remain in operation until December 2021 and covers three different target countries: Italy, France and Germany. The certified European extra-virgin olive oils stand out due to their extraordinary variety of tastes, their scientifically proven nutritional value and guaranteed traceability, all of which place the PDO/PGI and ORGANIC oils in a position of excellence within the sector.

This excellence is backed up by specific regulations from the European Community indicating rigorous checks carried out from the fields all the way to the table in order to guarantee that consumers always acquire products that are safe and genuine and ensure their one of kind nutritional benefits.

Certified European extra-virgin olive oil is not only particularly useful for controlling the lipids in your blood and because of its anti-oxidant properties (as confirmed by credible international studies), but it is also extremely versatile. It can be used both in the traditional Mediterranean diet as well as in a innovative, creative cuisine.

To effectively promote this heritage, today we must increase awareness among consumers, to move them towards informed and responsible decision making when purchasing and consuming.
The problems of counterfeit products or reading complicated labels are factors that make it difficult to recognise the distinctive quality of products on the global market.