Where a product comes from is one of the fundamental characteristics to analyse when deciding what purchase to make. Of course, this is clearly true in the case of extra-virgin olive oil.

The PDO, PGI and ORGANIC certifications guarantee to the consumer that the EVO oil they are buying has an origin that is certain, traceable and guaranteed.

A privileged territory marked by enormous biodiversity, such as that found in the European areas dedicated to the production of olive oil, offers products that are one of a kind and always different from one another.
This is why we must always consider the terrain and environmental conditions that are unique to the areas where European extra-virgin olive oils of excellent quality come from. It is for this reason the PDO and PGI seals were developed, to guarantee that a specific extra-virgin olive oil comes from a specific territory with its own unique characteristics.

First among these is the natural quality of European extra-virgin olive oil rooted deeply in the rural landscape and culture of the places it is made. These roots, like those of the olive trees themselves, twist around to form the cornice of a productive heritage passed down over generations that is capable of enriching gastronomic culture with a thousand different flavours and to exalt tastes in every culinary context.

The PDO and PGI denominations unequivocally certify the products’ link to a specific territory along with that territory’s culture and traditions and promoting the unparalleled European agricultural heritage.

This heritage includes vast limitless hectares with millions of olive trees and hundreds of different species (“cultivars”). It is rightly said that every corner of the Mediterranean jealously guards and cultivates its own fruits, each one different from the others, and that they can all be savoured in the form of fine quality European extra-virgin olive oils for your own daily well-being.